M.H. Grenz & Sons General Contracting is a family-owned and operated contractor located in Northwest Pennsylvania. We provide services in residential, commercial and industrial settings, offering custom design and custom building with the highest commitment to quality.

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Whether you’re looking for a contractor to build a new home, put on an addition, or remodel your existing home, M.H. Grenz & Sons General Contracting can help.  Visit our New Construction page and our Remodeling page to see some examples of our residential projects.

If you own a business, M.H. Grenz & Sons General Contracting can provide commercial and industrial building services to keep your company runing smoothly.  Visit our Commercial Construction page to see how we've helped businesses transform.

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At M.H. Grenz & Sons General Contracting, we constantly strive to be “A Cut Above” in all facets of our company’s operation.  Great pride and tradition are incorporated into every one of our projects.  Our reputation is important to us, and we maintain that reputation by diligently pursuing the three elements of our company directive:

  • Provide a superior product
  • At a competative price
  • With 100% customer satisfaction

A testiment to the success of our efforts is the face that over 95% of our contracts are derived form client referals.

Our service areas include Erie Country, PA; Warren County, PA; Chautaqua County, NY and all surrounding areas.

We are a member of the Builder’s Association of Northwest Pennsylvania, the Erie Chamber of Commerce, and the North East Chamber of Commerce.

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